Mar 10, 2020 - by Phil Lodico

Brandsight Celebrates International Women’s Week

In celebration of International Women’s Week, we are highlighting the many inspiring women on the Brandsight team. Many have been in the domain industry for more than 10 years. With hard work, dedication and a genuine love of all things domain, these women are striving to make the online world a little better for the organizations, colleagues and clients they work with every day. I’m delighted to tell you a bit more about them.

Heather Berryman

Eighteen years ago, Heather was fresh out of college when she started working in the world of domains. Her experience in all aspects of domain management is unparalleled. Whether it’s reviewing and updating portfolios, scratch development of training programs, or working on the front-lines of groundbreaking TLD launches (.EU, .XXX, new gTLD program) her superpower is undoubtedly on the client side of the house. As a Senior Client Success Manager for Brandsight, Heather manages day-to-day Brandsight client needs and requests – from huge portfolio consolidation projects to critical DNS configurations - and everything in between. Her main priority is keeping her clients happy.

Nicole DelleDonne

Nicole is a Senior Director of Sales at Brandsight. She is also member of INTA and currently serves on the Internet Committee. Nicole finds the opportunity to meet and engage with people, learn about their roles and companies, and be part of a program that helps them succeed and elevate domains in their organization especially rewarding. Nicole says she fell into the domain name space as she was considering a leap from college into law school. She loves the ability to be constantly learning in a space that changes so rapidly and to see the ways in which it impacts all different areas of an organization. She also enjoys being able to work with individuals in digital marketing, IT, Infosec, Legal, and more. That interest combined with a few incredible mentors and friendships along the way, accelerated her career in ways that she says she could never have imagined. Her goal is always to create relationships and partnerships that last for years to come.

Janay McWhorter

Janay is a 13-year veteran of the domain industry and is a Business Operations & TLD Product guru for Brandsight. She works behind the scenes to bring a robust selection of TLDs to Brandsight clients, focusing heavily on ccTLDs. Prior to joining Brandsight, Janay was responsible for designing and implementing domain management and brand protection programs for one the world’s largest multinational hotel chains. She has led corporate domain name strategy development in support of mergers and acquisitions, brand launches, and large portfolio migrations. Her past experience helps her bring a unique perspective to her current role, having seen first-hand how almost every digital infringement or compliance challenge in some way touches on domain names - be it unsanctioned third-party websites, partner marketing campaigns, phishing emails, rogue social media profiles, or counterfeit mobile apps. Janay also holds certificates as ScrumMaster (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO).

Jenni Jargstorf

After a long stint managing corporate print and copy needs, Jenni discovered the domain name world over 14 years ago. Over the course of her career, she’s worked to combat all aspects of online threats to brands and trademarks, providing consultative services for online brand protection programs, new gTLD registration strategies, and domain portfolio rightsizing projects. She has also devised strategies for mitigating online counterfeit sales, grey market distribution and trademark infringements. The ever-changing landscape of the industry is something she loves – from domain “kiting” and “tasting” concerns, to IDN homograph spoofing, to regular new TLD launches - there is always something new to learn and no day is the same as any other. Jenni came into the Senior Client Success Manager role at Brandsight looking to focus her industry expertise into assisting Brandsight clients as they strive to keep their brands safe and portfolios optimized.

Elisa Cooper

Elisa, like so many others, got into the Domain industry by accident, and what has kept her in it for going on 18 years now is the interesting and unique convergence with business, technology, trademark and policy that domain names represent. She has participated in the industry’s evolution and expansion through her work with ICANN, where she’s held the post of the ICANN Business Constituency Chair and is currently a member of the ICANN Intellectual Property Constituency. For perspective, when she started in the industry there were just over 9 million registered domain names - today there are more than 360 million. At Brandsight, Elisa is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution, with a focus on product marketing, PR, demand generation and communications. In addition, she’s also responsible for collaboratively defining and managing product roadmap, working closely with clients, internal users and engineering to define, prioritize and build new features and solutions.

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Phil Lodico

With more than 15 years of domain industry experience, Phil has long been a vocal advocate for brand owner’s rights. He was most recently Managing Partner at Fairwinds Partners, the industry’s leading domain name consultancy. While at Fairwinds Partners he advised multinational corporations on their domain name strategies to increase traffic, grow revenues, and improve online customer experiences. He has been actively involved in ICANN’s Business Constituency, was a member of ICANN’s 2009 Nominating Committee, and has served as Vice President of the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA). A graduate from Hobart College, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology, receiving honors for his work in Consumer Choice Theory.

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