The Brandsight platform - an innovative approach.

With unparalleled industry experience and expertise, we understand the complexities of managing corporate portfolios like no other. Committed to providing the highest levels of security, service and support, we are an ICANN-accredited registrar solely focused on corporate domain name management.

With a focus on leveraging today’s technology, the Brandsight platform enables domain portfolio managers to benefit from:

Unprecedented access to website and domain name data
  • Leverage data to inform what to own, how to use, and ultimately what to lapse
  • Better understand the value and purpose of domain names
  • Monitor for changes to tracked domains and receive alerts
  • Gain insight into technical details for domains and subdomains
Next-generation portfolio management capabilities
  • Reimagined paradigm for managing corporate domain names and related data
  • Advanced portfolio reporting with powerful searching, sorting and exporting
  • At-a-glance dashboard highlighting required actions, current status, actionable intelligence and curated content
Intuitive, predictive and streamlined workflows
  • Benefit from sleek and refined user experience and simplified processes
  • Improve domain registration accuracy and data integrity
Secure, modern code-base
  • Designed in adherence to today’s SaaS standards
  • Drives speed and responsiveness of entire platform
  • Supports true agile-development enabling addition of customer-requested enhancements

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