Mar 25, 2020 - by Jesse Marsh

Working Remotely at Brandsight: Lessons Learned

As many non-essential employees are now being asked to work from home in response to COVID-19, I decided to ask Nicole DelleDonne, Brandsight’s Senior Director of Sales for her top tips to increase productivity outside of the office.

Jesse: How long have you worked remotely?

Nicole: Brandsight’s headquarters are in Saratoga Springs, NY. Our team does a great job getting together in person as frequently as possible, however when I’m not traveling, most of my working time happens from a home office. I’ve been remote since I started with Brandsight in 2018 and have worked from home in previous positions prior to Brandsight.

J: Was it a big adjustment moving from an office environment to working from home?

N: I wouldn’t say so. Technology has come so far that virtual face-to-face meetings are pretty easy. And in the past, I’ve spent so much time in the field with prospects and clients that I have rarely gone a full week in the office.

J: What are your top tips for making ‘working from home’ successful?

N: First, keep your routine. Whether that’s a morning workout, picking out a nice outfit, showering (yes, that still needs to happen) - try to keep your routine while enjoying the flexibility and freedom working from home provides.

Second, use video technology as much as possible. At Brandsight, we get every available team member together for a video stand-up every morning. It is amazing how much benefit comes from seeing everyone’s smiling faces and hearing what they’re planning to accomplish that day.

Third, it is so important to find an office space. This one is huge for me. I’ve always needed a private office and a room where I can “go to work”. That’s definitely a personal preference, but find a place where you are comfortable, have minimal distractions and can feel focused and motivated (AKA, keeping that daunting laundry pile out of sight and out of mind).

Fourth, make sure that you step away at regular intervals. This is a hard one for me to follow, but is very important for productivity. In an office environment you take breaks to get a coffee, order lunch, chat with a colleague, or just move your legs. At home, it is so easy to forget that and stay head-down at your computer all day long (and night to be totally honest). Take the time to clear your head and refocus. If you have a dog (or two in my case) take some time to be outside and walk them. If you are craving your favorite lunch - order-in and get it. Want to work out - sure why not squeeze in a 20 min Peloton class. Those small breaks will make you so much more productive in the long run.

Finally, invest in the tools that will make you more productive. You may not want to buy double screens, a new mouse and an ergonomic keyboard for a short stint working from home, but I do recommend figuring out what your ‘must haves’ for a productive day are. Personally, I love to have a whiteboard to brainstorm, double screens for my multitasking habits, and speakers and a headset.

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Jesse Marsh

Jesse Marsh is a Senior Sales Executive at Brandsight where he manages a North American territory. Jesse has worked in domain name management and brand protection since 2011. Prior to his existing role, Jesse worked in business development roles with Gandi and CSC.

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