Jan 17, 2023 - by Staff Writer

Paring Portfolios? The Must-Have Data You Need Now.

Are you considering dropping domains from your portfolio? Is reducing domain management spend a goal for this coming year? We’ve written about key considerations for paring portfolios in the past, but know that the data to make informed decisions may not be readily available.

In particular, companies with large portfolios often struggle to accurately understand how domains are being used. They are also challenged with tracking the history of recovered domains (i.e. when the name was recovered, costs spent to recover and losses incurred). This information can be invaluable when determining whether to allow a name to expire.

That said, many companies attempt to track this data within spreadsheets – which is problematic as technical data quickly becomes stale.

To make the most informed decisions possible, companies should leverage automated technology solutions to obtain up-to-date website and domain name data to understand where domains are registered, whether they are resolving, and how they are being used. Additional fields to track UDRP filings, recovery costs and other enforcement-related information should be captured as well.

Even with access to data, lapsing domains becomes a delicate balancing act between minimizing risks associated with look-alike domains against budget constraints. But with access to the right data, the process can become one that is not only data-driven, but also streamlined. And of course, if you’d like to see for yourself how our solutions can make all of this possible, we’re here to help – and we’d love to show you.

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