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Is It Time to Move to a Corporate Registrar?

If you are responsible for managing your company’s domain name portfolio, but are still using a retail registrar, you could be wondering whether it might make sense to move to a corporate registrar? Here are a few key questions to ask:

  • Are your most valuable domains vulnerable to inadvertent mistakes?
  • Are you paying for your company’s domain names using a credit card?
  • Are you sharing login credentials to access your company’s domain management account?
  • Would you like to provide access to your company’s domain management accounts with the ability restrict permissions by user?
  • Are you able to easily manage your domain portfolio in bulk?
  • Are you looking to expand internationally, but not sure where to register globally?
  • Could you benefit from access to a tenured, dedicated client service manager?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it may be time to consider moving to a corporate domain name registrar. Corporate registrars enable domain professionals to:

Protect High Value Domains

High-profile and mission-critical domains should be registry-locked and typically this service is not offered by retail registrars. It provides an additional layer of security so that domains are impervious to automated updates - meaning changes to nameservers and contacts are prohibited. Registry-locked domains are only editable when a unique offline security protocol is completed between the registry and the registrar.

Move to Monthly Invoices As Opposed to Paying with Credits Cards

Retail registrars typically process registrations and renewals using credits cards. If you are still paying for domain names with credit cards, not only could you be dealing with messy expense reports each month, but there is also the potential for issues to arise as credit cards expire. Corporate registrars generally issue monthly invoices and most support customized billing.

Secure Account Access

Sharing login credentials is a big no-no. If you are sharing login credentials with others to access your company’s domain management account, your names could be at risk. Corporate domain name management accounts should, at a minimum, be secured with two-factor authentication. At GCD, we also encourage our clients to deploy single sign-on which further secures accounts as employees change roles or leave the organization.

Deploy The Right Level of Access

Corporate registrars typically support configurable user permissions. Users can be assigned full edit capabilities, read-only access or no-access to specific sets of domains within an account. This not only helps to reduce complexity associated with management, but also helps to further secure domains by limiting access.

Manage Domain Names in Bulk

When managing large domain name portfolios, bulk management capabilities are a necessity. All corporate registrars enable users to update contacts and nameservers and assign user-defined fields in bulk – although performance, searching, sorting and reporting capabilities vary from one corporate registrar to another.

Leverage Dedicated Client Support

Dedicated client support is a hallmark of the corporate registrar experience. All corporate registrars provide this level of support, although the number of accounts managed per client service manager varies by corporate registrar, as does their experience in managing corporate domain name portfolios.

So Why GCD for Corporate Domain Name Management?

As a corporate registrar, not only does our technology provide unparalleled insight into domain name and website details, but GCD is 100% focused on providing enterprise-level security. From single sign-on and registry-locking to nameserver monitoring and configurable user permissions, we are committed to providing the highest levels of domain name security. In addition we support customized invoicing - whether you are in need of electronic invoice submission, support for POs, or for domains to be billed to different locations, we’ve got you covered. We also pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of service and support. Our Client Success Managers are tenured experts with experience managing the world’s largest and most valuable corporate domain name portfolios. And of course we offer global TLD coverage - we support the registration and management across more than 1000 top-level domains.

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