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Focusing on the Customer

No matter what our job titles are, I firmly believe that customer service should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. When I think back to every job I’ve ever had, I can point to a focus on the “customer” in every single one of them. Whether it was delivering newspapers in my teen years or working at a Bay Area software company, I’ve always had a focus on providing service to a client whether they be internal or external.

The focus on the client is something that sounds so basic, but often times is lost in organizations as they focus on revenue growth, work to contain costs, and try to keep investors informed and satisfied.

At Brandsight, all of us have been focused on the client since day 1. We built our platform with meaningful input from clients. In addition to that, we hired staff who were passionate about providing great service to clients, no matter what their role in the organization.

Though we have been focused on clients since the beginning, even we found ourselves distracted a bit and realized recently we hadn’t actually measured the level of satisfaction our clients had. Sure, we felt as though we had a good pulse on things but until you actually do those tangible surveys, it’s not verified.

After sending out our inaugural survey, to say we that we were pleased with the results would be an understatement. Overall, 100% of our clients reported to be what’s known as a “promoter.” Promotors are clients who would recommend your company to friends of colleagues. It’s a proven measure of client success and to have 100% of respondents put themselves into this category is unbelievably validating.

Many organizations would be ecstatic if half of their survey respondents fell into the promoter category, so to have each and every one of our clients be willing to recommend Brandsight speaks to our laser focus on ensuring we are providing the best client experience in the industry.

Being such a young company, obviously we don’t have the sample size as some of the legacy players in the space, but to start off with these kinds of results is incredibly gratifying. We know that we can’t stop here and that we must continue to provide even higher levels of service and support. But we also know that with these results, we are on the right path – and that the customer should always be our number 1 focus.

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