Feb 19, 2020 - by Staff Writer

Domain Management: Who is In Control?

Having worked with domain management professionals since 2002, there has always been the question of where domain management sits within an organisation. Domains, often seen as a cost center and an administrative challenge, have struggled to find a welcoming home. Traditionally, there has been a three-way split in terms of who is responsible for managing domain name portfolios: Legal, IT or Marketing. This has mostly been driven by how a company views its portfolio - an extension of trademarks, technical functionality or branding. Often, it’s random. “It just ended up on my desk”, has been a common comment.

However, I’m starting to see a notable shift in both the attitude towards and management of domains. From being perceived as a drain on budget and resources, domains are stepping out of the shadows and being viewed for what they are: critical assets and key drivers for doing business on a global scale.

Brandsight’s Third Annual Domain Management Survey shows some interesting stats as to who manages portfolios. For the very largest portfolios (over 10k domains), 44% are managed by Marketing, whereas control of smaller portfolios is dominated by Legal and IT. Marketers know that domains can capture and drive the right kind of traffic to the right online content, and that they’re an essential part of the mix.

That doesn’t tell the whole story. More and more, I’m seeing C-level, Digital Marketing, Innovation and ‘Special Projects’ all taking an intense interest in domains, and multi-stakeholder groups coming together to understand and redefine domain strategy for the future. Why is this happening? Put simply, increased digitization, sales growth and global brand recognition are all driven through domain names, and these core business functions know that they are a central enabler to achieving their goals.

For domain professionals, this provides opportunities and a chance to look forwards. Draw a line in the sand, get some help in taking a strategic look at your portfolio right now and make sure it can support your business in the future. You may be surprised who sits up and takes notice.

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