Aug 29, 2017 - by Staff Writer

Brandsight According To Me

It’s funny…when I started in the domain industry, it really wasn’t meant to be a long-term career for me. Actually, there wasn’t even a “domain industry” at that time. It was about six weeks before I was to be married and I had been told in no uncertain terms, I could not be unemployed at the time of our wedding.

Fast-forward more than 15 years and here I am continuing in this industry with my new role at Brandsight. For anyone that’s been around this space for any amount of time, you can easily understand how, after 15 years, it still is exciting and challenging. I can honestly say that I’ve had very few slow days or days when I didn’t learn something new in this industry.

The opportunity that is in front of us at Brandsight is unlike any I’ve experienced in all my time in the domain industry. Taking the decades of shared experience we have in this space and coupling it with cutting edge technology has me extremely excited about the impact we can have.

Too often in the past, those who manage corporate domain portfolios were forced to choose between a high level of service with outdated technology, or a more forward-looking technology solution without the white glove service expected by corporations.

I should also mention the importance of the specific expertise that I’m so excited about. The opportunity to partner with Elisa Cooper and Phil Lodico has me incredibly excited. Elisa and I spent years working side-by-side with clients ensuring their needs were met and there isn’t anyone I’d rather do this with than her. I’ve known Phil longer than I care to put in writing and teaming up with him at the helm is fantastic.

With Brandsight, we are bringing together the expertise with current technology and I know it will be a welcome addition to the market. I’m excited for the journey and can’t wait to provide updates as we go!

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